Satellite Communications-1

Satellite Communications-1 1.2

This unique free application is for all students across the world.

This unique free application is for all students across the world.

This unique free application is for all students across the world. It covers 179 topics of Satellite Communications in detail. These 179 topics are divided in 4 units.

Each topic is around 600 words and is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations along with simple text explaining the concept in detail.

This USP of this application is "ultra-portability". Students can access the content on-the-go from anywhere they like.

Basically, each topic is like a detailed flash card and will make the lives of students simpler and easier.

Some of topics Covered in this application are:

1. Satellite Communications Segments

2. Satellite Link Parameters

3. Satellite Orbits

4. Frequency Band Designations

5. Regulatory Process for Satellite Communications

6. Application of satellite

7. Earth station

8. Characteristics of Earth Station

9. Feed System

10. Tracking System

11. Merits and Demerits of the Satellite Communication

12. Low noise amplifier

13. High-Power Amplifier

14. The Composite Link

15. Passive Satellites& Active Satellites

16. Receive-Only Home TV Systems

17. Link System Performance

18. Uplink

19. Downlink

20. Percent of Time Performance Specifications

21. Master Antenna TV System

22. Transmit-Receive Earth Stations

23. Community Antenna TV System

24. Direct Broadcast Satellite Services

25. MPEG Compression Standards for Digital Television

26. The Home Receiver Outdoor Unit (ODU) of DBS Services

27. Home Receiver Indoor Unit

28. FDM Telephony

29. Frequency Modulation

30. Noise weighting

31. Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis

32. Signal-to-noise ratio for TV/FM

33. Signal-to-Noise Ratio

34. Single-Sideband Telephony

35. S/N and bandwidth for FDM/FM telephony

36. The Telephone Channel

37. Bandwidth Requirements



40. Bit Timing Recovery

41. Carrier Recovery Circuits

42. Digital Carrier Systems

43. Digital modulation

44. Elements of a Digital Communication System

45. Interleaving

46. Time-Division Multiplexing

47. Transmission rate and bandwidth for PSK modulation

48. Satellite Multiple Access

49. Frequency Division Multiple Access

50. Spade System

51. TDMA

52. TDMA Capacity

53. Code Division Multiple Access

54. Satellite Switched TDMA

55. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

56. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

57. CDMA Processing Gain

58. CDMA Capacity

59. TDMA Frame Structure

60. Bandwidth-Limited and Power-Limited TWT Amplifier Operation

61. Carrier recovery

62. CDMA throughput

63. Comparison of uplink power requirements for FDMA and TDMA

64. Demand-Assigned FDMA

65. Demand-assigned TDMA

66. Digital TASI

67. Downlink analysis for digital transmission

68. Network synchronization

69. On-Board Signal Processing for FDMA/TDM



72. Preassigned FDMA

73. Preassigned TDMA

74. Speech predictive encoded communications (SPEC)

75. Unique word detection

76. Satellite Orbits

77. Orbital Parameters

78. Geostationary Orbit

79. Low Earth Orbit

80. Medium Earth Orbit

81. Highly Elliptical Orbit

82. Geometry of GSO Links

83. Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO)

84. Satellite Subsystems

85. Satellite Bus

86. Power Subsystem

87. Attitude Control of Satellite Sub-System

88. Orbital Control of satellite

89. Thermal Control in Satellite

90. Tracking, Telemetry, Command, and Monitoring in satellite

91. Satellite Payload

92. Frequency Translation Transponder

93. On-board Processing Transponder

94. Antenna Subsystem in Satellite Payload

95. Satellite Mobile Services

96. VSATs

97. Radarsat

98. Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS)

99. Orbcomm

100. Broadband Satellite System



103. Military Satellite System

104. U.S. Domsats

105. Transmission Fundamentals

106. Antenna Gain

107. Circular Parabolic Reflector Antenna

108. Antenna Beam width

109. Free-Space Path Loss

110. Basic Link Equation for Received Power

111. System Noise

All topics are not listed because of character limitations set by the Play Store.

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Satellite Communications-1


Satellite Communications-1 1.2

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